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Release Date: February 21, 2020


Slurry Pumps are essentially used in coal based Thermal Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Cement Plants, Metal and Steel Plants and Ore Slurry transportation. Various types of slurries are handled by these pumps like Ash Slurry, Gypsum Slurry, Iron Ore Slurry, Alumina Slurry etc. These slurries are abrasive in nature and cause fast wear of pumps. The Slurry flow rate needs to be varied continuously in these plants depending on various process parameters, plant loads, plant design and Pump Capacity selection parameters. In various Pump Designs and Process Designs either a Variable Speed Drive is selected or throttling is adopted to achieve flow variation. Throttling causes faster wear of Pump and calls for frequent maintenance of Pump and accessories. On the other hand if Flow rate is varied through speed variation then Pump wear is reduced considerably with lower power consumption thus Energy Saving. Fluidomat - SC the Scoop Control Fluid Couplings are well proven over 15 years on Slurry Pump Application. Fluidomat has supplied a large number of their Fluidomat - SC couplings for this application to various Plants covering a wide power range. Some of the installations are :- A Partial List of Scoop Controlled Fluid Couplied Supplied for Slurry Pump application :-

Client KW / RPM Slurry Fluidomat SC model X qty.
BSES - Dahanu 325/1500 Ash SC
GIPCL-Surat 140/980 Ash SC
HPGCL - Panipat 165/1480 Ash SC
NTPC - Vindhyachal 385/1500 Ash SC
NTPC - Talcher 325/1500 Ash SC
NTPC - Korba 315/1500 Ash SC
NTPC - Rihand 75/1475 Ash SC
NTPC - Rihand 270/1480 Ash SC
NALCO - Damanjodi 600/1500 Ore CBSC
Oswal Chemicals & Fertilizers 700/1500 Gypsum SC
Paradeep Phosphate 750/1500 Gypsum SC
Renusagar Thermal Power Plant 350/1500 Ash SC
RSEB - Suratgarh 265/1500 Ash SC
RSEB - Suratgarh 280/1480 Ash SC
Energo - New Delhi 132/1450 Ash SC
Indure - New Delhi 160/1450 Ash SC
Indure - New Delhi 385/1450 Ash SC
Indure - New Delhi 385/1450 Ash SC
Unicon - Kolkata 90/1450 Ash SC
Unicon - Kolkata 160/1450 Ash SC

The above Fluidomat -SC Couplings provide infinite speed variation in range of 4:5:1 on these installations and are operating successfully. Fluidomat SC Couplings can adapt to automatic/semi automatic or manual control of speed and work successfully in environmental conditions of above Plants. They are self-standing, rugged and reliable in design requiring no maintenance. Besides this application Fluidomat - SC Fluid Couplings have been supplied for many other applications including Fans, Pumps, Conveyors and Crushers.