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Release Date: February 21, 2020

Drive Solution for PA Fan Drives
Fluidomat delayfil fluid couplings

PA Fans are essentially employed in Thermal Power Plants and Wherever boilers are used. These PA fans have very large inertia, which is to be accelerated by squirrel cage motors of single cage or double cage designs. Generally following acceleration time occurs for the fan to reach to full speed.

1250 KW 19-23 seconds
360 KW 50-55 seconds
190 KW 90-95 seconds

These are very high acceleration time and the starting current kick of 600% sustains for 80 - 85% period in a current value range of 600 to 500% and then decays to normal value in remaining 20-15% time. This causes very large stresses on motor resulting into following :-

The above problem cause premature failures of motors by burning and insulation failures. Also the switch gear contacts life is affected adversely.

When the supply voltage is low or falls down because of heavy in rush of starting current, the motor and fan take much longer period to accelerate because the torque generated by motor falls down by square of voltage. Thus for 80% voltage the torque of motor falls down to 0.8² = 0.64 and thus acceleration time increases to 1/64=1.56 times.

With reduced voltage the above problems become more severe and risks of motor failures are increased multifold.

Fluidomat has provided effective and proven solution to the above problem by installing Fluidomat SMD delayfil fluid couplings. See following advantages.

Thus by using Fluidomat - SMD coupling your drive motor in PA Fans are very safe and save your losses of expensive motor repairs and down time.

Fluidomat - SMD couplings are already proven on PA Fan drives on various installations and supplies some of which are MPEB - Sarni, MSEB - Paras, MSEB - Bhusawal and SAIL - Rourkela, HZL - Udaipur, HZL - Chanderia, HZL - Vizag, GHCL - Veraval, Birla Copper-Dahej, Indian Oil etc.