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Release Date: February 21, 2020


Large conveyors drives with HT (High Tension) motors face following problems :-

  1. HT Motors connot be started frequently and a minimum gap of 15 minutes has to be provided between two starts.
  2. In case of necessity of stopping the conveyor because of any reasons including pull chord operation, power failure etc. then the drive motor has to be stopped but cannot be restarted until 15 minutes causing loss of production and other system problems.
  3. Generally in large plants or material handling facilities there are a number of conveyors operating in series and if one conveyor is stopped, then the remaining conveyors have to be stopped else it will cause overflow of chutes or other problems.
  4. HT motors experience lot of stresses on each starting which further amplify on reduced voltage prevailing and occurring at the time of starting. The stresses are also caused by long time taken to decay the starting current kick. Heating of motors during starting, stresses on insulation and other mechanical stresses affect the life of motor adversely and reduce their reliability.
  5. The motor KW rating has to be selected based on starting condition rather than running KW or consumed power and thus larger KW motors have to be selected which are inefficient on reduced powers. There is a continuous loss of energy.
  6. Getting smooth, jerkless and controlled acceleration of conveyor is a difficulty. This results into reduced life of conveyor belting and frequent breakages. A large thickness of belt has to be thus provided which increases the cost.

Fluidomat provided an effective solution to above problems through its Scoop Control "Fluidomat SC" fluid couplings.

TNEB - Tuticorin 12 Nos
TNEB - North Chennai 26 Nos
NTPC - Unchahar 03 Nos
NTPC - Rihand 10 Nos
ISPAT METALLIC - Dhurva 10 Nos
MGPT - Goa 03 Nos
GIPCL - Surat 03 Nos

Fluidomat has executed a major order of 29 scoop control couplings for TNEB - North Chennai External Coal Handling Facility. The conveyors drives ratings are upto 1100KW.